Discover the Health Benefits of Olives

Discover the Health Benefits of Olives

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Olives are amongst the oldest cultivated fruits in the world and have been native to Asia for more than 6,000 years. There is even reports of olives being found in Egyptian tombs suggesting the Pharaohs may well have been Borough Olives customers if they were around today. Olives have been enjoyed in many different guises through the years from topping pizza and adorning fancy cocktails to taking pride of place on the table at dinner parties. Despite their huge popularity, however, very few people know that olives secretly harbour a host of health benefits:

Olives have been proven to help with a wide range of health issues,. Olives have been proven to help reduce cholesterol in the blood and can also be used to help control blood pressure. Olives are proven to be beneficial to the heart thanks to their high levels of Oleic acid which helps to combat some of the key causes of heart disease.

It has also been suggested that olives harbour many benefits for improving and maintaining bone health. Whilst extensive human research is yet to be completed, there is evidence to suggest that easting olives can help protect against Osteoporosis which is the loss of bone mass. Rates of Osteoporosis are lower in, typically Mediterranean, countries where olive consumption is highest.

Much like with Osterporosis, there has been medical research to suggest that the eating of olives can actually help to prevent cancer. Olives are very high in in natural antioxidants which have been proven to disrupt the lifecycle of cancer cells. Whilst more human studies are needed, it is possible that olives could help prevent many of the most common types of cancer including breast, colon and stomach cancer.

Olives are rich in a lot of vitamins and minerals. Just a single cup of olives contains around 4.5mg of iron. Olives are also a natural source of many other essential minerals including sodium, potassium and magnesium. They are vitamin-rich and a healthy source if amino acids.

If you are currently trying to lose weight (aren't we all) then olives may help to aid your weight-loss. Olives can help to reduce your appetite and eating a handful of olives before a meal will release a hormone which makes you feel ‘fuller’ quicker. Olives will also help stimulate the production of adiponectin in your body. This chemical helps your body to burn fat and can be effective for upto five hours. Naturally, none of this will help you to lose weight if your olives of choice come atop a large meat feast pizza so it is best to stick to the Fresh Olives from Borough Olives.

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